65 Books to read in your 20’s

I’m always up for a good book, and I guess I have 3.5 years left to tackle this list.






More fun adventures in car land….

As if all of my engine cooling system/check engine light problems weren’t enough, my car battery went out on me last night. After sitting on jumper cables for 20 minutes, hooked up to a V-8 engine, it barely started. I got like 10 feet before all of my dash lights started flashing on and off, and my gauge needles started jumping around, and then the battery light came on. I got absolutely SCREWED on a battery at Les Schwab, because it was 5:00pm, and I was too far from home to just go get a battery and put it in myself. I limped over to the nearest Les Schwab, paid $135 to get a new battery and have them install it in the ridiculous place Dodge decided to put the battery. The guy thinks that the battery may have even been the original battery from 2005 when the car was made; it was so dead he couldn’t even test it.

But that’s not even the fun part of the whole ordeal. I was TRYING to make it through a drive cycle so that after making repairs to my car I could go through DEQ and get tags. Oh and my current ones expired 9 days ago. I’ve replaced every single part relating to my engine cooling system, and have gone through DEQ twice. After replacing the last part, driving 100+ miles, and fiddling with some fuses the check engine light that has been on for a year FINALLY kicked off. Went through DEQ and I didn’t have any codes, but just had OBD systems that hadn’t fully cycled back to reset yet. So the lady told me to just keep driving and come back next week. REALLY hoping my battery going out didn’t start that entire process over again. Ugh. Just another fun adventure in the land of car ownership.

Oh and then to make the day just extra special, my poor bunny Quigley passed away. He was 10 years old, and it was his time, but it was still a very sad day for me. Charlie is such a sweetheart, and told me that of course we could go get a new bunny soon. So the only happy moments I had yesterday were looking for Holland lop bunnies at local farms online.

Why Blog??

Why start a blog….Why not? I like to write, I like sharing stories about my sometimes-comical-sometimes-boring life, and I LOVE to take pictures! Sounds like a good enough reason to start a blog to me.

I’m 26 years old, and I live in beautiful Portland Oregon. I’m a native Oregonian through and through. From the city, to the coast, to the forests; I LOVE living in Oregon.