ISO Mom Friends-if moms posted personal ads…

Married, full time working, mom of 4 month old twin girls seeks mom friends to commiserate and bond with. Numerous positions available. Local to Portland Oregon metro area, but openings available for the right long distance texting/internet mom friend. Must have evening and/or weekend availability for play dates, wine dates, hobby dates, walking dates, food eating dates, etc. Bonus if you have a husband/boyfriend who will get along with my husband. Extra points if you’re a fellow MoM (mom of multiples). Sanctimommies need not apply. If you don’t know what that is, google it. Recovering Sanctimommies welcome. Must love big dogs.

About me:

30 years old, first time mom. Loves reading, netflix binges, cooking, eating, talking about working out, and occasionally actually working out. Red wine and Irish Whiskey drinker, excellent cook. Married to a professional chef, so dinner parties are always awesome. Into photography, and by into I mean I have a nice camera, and I’ve taken many awesome pictures over the years, but as of late it’s collecting dust. Into sewing, and by into sewing I mean my sewing room is a disaster, and my sewing machine has a thick layer of dust. But I like to think about all the cool things I could sew, and plan on some day getting around to them. Also into crocheting, same situation. Having a mom friend who is also into these things increases the likelihood that I’ll ever actually start doing these hobbies again.

Shows I DVR and binge watch while folding my mountain of laundry include: Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Outlander, Shameless, Game Of Thrones, This is Us, The Walking Dead, and recently Big Little Lies (loved the book). Netflix binges of shows I’ve watched and re-watched include Parks and Rec, The Office, Archer, Lost, and anything else that can keep my attention for more than 10 minutes. Fandoms include Harry Potter, Star Wars, LOTR, Marvel, DC Comics, zombies,  etc. Basically, my husband and I speak geek. Owns a N64, and I’m always down to play Mario Kart.

Ambivert. Homebody, but also adventurous. Listens well and relates to rants, and well as goes on rants. Goes on cleaning sprees, but there is definitely a pile of dog hair behind a broom in the corner. Coffee is life. Pinterest dream life addict.

Totally and completely winging this parent thing, looking to form long lasting friendships with moms who are doing the same.


If you didn’t catch on to the humor behind this, we can’t be friends.



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