Crazy Life

Has it really been 8 months since I posted? SO much has happened in 8 months. It’s crazy when I stop and think about how different things are now.

First off, in February, our furbaby, who really was just a baby at not quite 4 years old, got cancer. Yes, a 4 year old dog, with cancer. Lymphoma. You’d imagine how expensive human cancer treatment is, with insurance. Dog cancer treatment is just as bad.  Dogs have shorter life spans than humans, so what could be years of life left for humans, translates to just weeks or months with dogs. We sat there with tears running down our faces, while our furbaby panted and wagged his tail, and the vet oncologist told us treatment was between $3k and $6k, and without it we had just weeks left with our boy.

I somehow managed to use social media for good, and made our boy semi instagram famous. Hundreds of kind strangers donated $3k to us, so that we could get the chemo treatment our boy needed for a longer life. I regained some of my faith in humanity that day. Our furbaby responded well to treatment, and we were so happy to have our boy in remission. He continued to be in remission for four months. Then the cancer came back, and it was very aggressive. We lost our boy on July 24th, just one month after learning the cancer had returned. This, in my short 29 years, was the hardest thing I have ever gone through. He was such a special dog, human like in so many ways. It’s been almost two weeks now that he’s been gone, and thinking about this still makes me cry. I’m so grateful for the 151 days we got with him since finding out he had cancer. I just wish that he could’ve lived his entire life span.



While all of this was going on, on April fools day, I peed on a stick, and two pink lines appeared. This wasn’t a surprise, but it did take some serious convincing of the few people I told, including C. I mean, it was April fools day….but yes I really am pregnant! My whole life I’ve heard the stories from various mommies. The morning sickness, the food cravings and aversions, the heighten sense of smell. Yeah….not this pregnant lady. By the time I got to 8 weeks, and it was time to see my doctor and have our first ultrasound, I was actually pretty worried. I mean, I virtually had experienced zero symptoms at this point. Sure, I was really tired, and I did have moments when I felt queasy, but had yet to throw up. I’m telling the ultrasound tech this, in response to her asking how I had been feeling…and just nonchalantly she tells me, “Well the extra nausea is probably because you’re having twins!” I gasped and exclaimed, “what the f**k?!”, while C sat there laughing and saying “oh man” over and over again. Apparently my face went though a series of comical expressions as I was looking at the monitor, when they tech told us the news. We will be parents to twins.

I’m now 21 weeks, and we’ve learned that our little jelly beans are very quickly growing into healthy baby girls. I feel very lucky that this pregnancy has been so easy for me, compared to others. Mostly I’ve just been tired…normal body aches and generally feeling like a blimp. Mostly it’s been emotional for me…how the hell are we going to take care of two babies at once?! C seems pretty confident in our untested parenting abilities; I’m getting there. I expect the next four months to be filled with all things baby. Baby girls should be making their grand entrance around Thanksgiving. I look forward to sharing the crazy adventures that come with twin parenting.


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