Married people should date

Are you married? Or have you been in a committed relationship for awhile? If so, you should date. Date your spouse or partner that is.

Oh dating. Lunch dates, movie dates, dinner dates, breakfast dates; Mini golf, arcades, hiking, river adventures. Do you remember these things? I do, they just seem like they were so long ago. Somewhere along the line, life happens, and people get comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with comfortable, but maybe we should try not to get too comfortable. People stop working out, stop caring about whether or not they look hot or a hot mess when they see their S/O. When people date, they get to know each other, they talk constantly, they do, er, other things, constantly. People do things for the person they’re dating, to show them they care; surprising them with little gifts (I saw this and thought of you!), surprising them at work (I was in the neighborhood, so I thought we’d have lunch). You see the pile of laundry waiting to be folded and think, hmmmm, I know they’re pretty busy and stressed, I’ll just fold these clothes really quick.

People get comfortable, they get use to someone being there. There’s always someone there to bitch about your day to, someone who’s going to do the grocery shopping, or clean the house, a warm body in the bed next to you. You start to just expect that person to be there, like the mail each day, it’s just the norm. You forget to appreciate your S/O, to thank them for being there, to thank them for choosing you.

I think that sometimes people forget that relationships and marriages aren’t concrete, they aren’t set in stone, never changing. I think they’re probably more like gardens; they go through seasons, they grow, they need tending to, they need attention and care, they need maintenance.

Married people should date. They should continue to get to know their partner, continue to fall in love daily, continue to grow as individuals, and as a couple. Go date your spouse, I highly doubt you’ll regret it.


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