Our life as Newly Wed First Time Homeowners

The majority of my posts are about health and fitness, but please believe me, I do have a life outside of counting carbs.

My husband and I have been homeowners for a little over four months, and married for a little over 2 months. We are also pet parents to five fur-babies: Dinah, 9.5 year old beautiful calico; DJ 7 year old crazy calico, daughter of Dinah; Kitty (that’s really all she answers to…) 4 year old white and tabby, also daughter of Dinah; Wiley, 2.5 year old person, uh I mean, Chocolate Labrador Retriever; and last but not least, Rusty, 11 month old, bouncing off the walls, Yellow Labrador/Golden Retriever.

My husband is a chef at a local brewery and pub, and I’m accounts receivable/office assistant for a HVAC wholesaler. My husband works nights, and I work Monday through Friday. We see each other for approximately 22 waking hours a week, all within three days. Maybe a couple more hours, if you count the 30 minutes I wake up in the middle of the night to say hi to him when he comes home. Our schedules make things like plumbing problems extra fun.

Our first few months of home ownership have been a breeze. Full of family dinners, friend visits, backyard BBQs in our amazing backyard. Sure, there’s never ending yard work, so that we aren’t that neighbor, with the messy yard. The what seems like endless hours of sweeping, swiffering, and mopping the 1,341 sq ft of hardwood floors and tile. The routine of dusting everything in the house, only to find everything covered in dust again the next day. You know. Simple stuff. Then there’s the laundry sink, which has been draining slowly, until right before my husband is leaving for work on Saturday, when I notice it’s not draining at all. So I start to bail it out into the next closest drain, the kitchen sink. Oh wait, it’s just going back into the laundry sink; that’s just fantastic.

We plunged, uselessly. We dumped an entire giant bottle of industrial strength liquid plumber down both drains. Nothing. On Sunday, day two of plumbing hell, we tried dumping more liquid plumber, and plunging some more. On Monday, day three of plumbing hell, we tried to use two different drain snakes. But of course the end is too big to fit down those ridiculous drain divider holes. I mean, seriously? What is the point of those….people have strainer drain stops. Every rental home I’ve ever lived in has had strainer drain stops. Do they think that people just don’t use these? So they must build a crappy, inefficient version of it into the drain itself? So I throw everything under my kitchen sink around my kitchen, and with tears and sweat running down my face, I start to take the kitchen sink pipes apart for the third time in as many days. Why the kitchen sink when the laundry sink is the one not draining? Oh, because those pipes are glued together, of course. The entire time I’m thinking, “it would be amazing to call a landlord right now, and make this their problem.” As I’m trying to shove the drain snake through the open pipe, on the floor, with the dogs nosing around wondering what I’m doing, there is an ungodly string of profanities coming out of my mouth. My husband tries, with similar results.

So we get in the car and make our second trip in three days to Lowe’s. We purchase another drain snake, one with a smaller end, hoping maybe that one can get through the pipes. Then we start looking at the array of drain clearing agents. My husband, picks the one sealed inside a plastic bag, that says you must wear gloves, safety glasses, and a full face shield while using; sulfuric acid. We stop at Plaid pantry for ice cream, and Vaseline, to put around the drain, to protect it. But I’m sure the clerk thought we were in for some kinky, fun, night.

We tried the smaller drain snake with no success. My husband bailed out the disgusting laundry-liquid plumber-dishwasher from the sink, put on gloves, and poured the acid down the sink. And waited. Then we ran water down the drain, and it backed up more disgusting water. So we bailed it out again, and poured acid down the kitchen sink this time. Same thing. So we bailed it out again, and I then spent 30 minutes going between the laundry sink and the backyard, as our work clothes washed in the washing machine.

I’ll be making a third trip to Lowe’s tonight, to purchase a drain bladder. While my husband is working, I’ll be hauling my hose into my laundry room, hooking it up to our hot water heater, taking apart the kitchen sink pipes for a fifth time, and attempting to clear the drain that way. It’s our last hope, besides a plumber. Oh by the way, a plumber, I guess runs about $150 an hour…..we don’t have $300+ to spend on a plumber. We won’t for a couple of months, if we do nothing beyond paying our bills. So until then, I guess I’ll be standing at the laundry sink while the washing machine dumps water into the sink, that I then I have to bail out.

Oh the joys of owning your own home……

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