The Day My Clothes No Longer Fit

It’s been 30 days, since I started cutting carbs. It’s been 2.5 weeks, since I started metformin. Today I got on the scale, and I saw a number that I have never seen before, a number 11 pounds less than the number that was staring back at me just 30 days ago. You know those Special K commercials where the woman does like a happy dance, on the scale? That was me. I had to run into the bedroom and wake my husband up to tell him, because I was just that damn excited. I quickly decided that I wouldn’t be buying lunch today, like I was just considering doing just 5 minutes before. Instead, I’d definitely be finding a low carb option in my fridge somewhere.

Then I ran to the other room, and grabbed my tape measure, and the paper I’d written my measurements on. I took measurements on 9/8, because I know the scale doesn’t tell you everything. I’m so glad that I did.

I am down:

4″ from my bust

3″ from my waist

4″ from my tummy

2″ from my hips

1.5″ from my butt

2.5″ from my thighs

For a total of, count ’em up! 17″ total, lost from all over my body. Holy Moly, that is a lot!

Then I went to get dressed for work. My tank top that I wear under another shirt, that I usually have to struggle a bit to pull down, slipped on easily. The evil jeans that I had purchased over the summer, the ones who’s size tag caused me to have a mini breakdown in the Target dressing room, literally fell off of me. My belt, the enormous belt, which caused another breakdown in Target, easily slipped into the very last notch, the smallest it would go. A new notch! Oh it’s the little things in life. My pants, are now bunched up under my belt, clearly too big now. Lastly I put on my zip up hoodie, and zipped it up; it’s baggy now, all around my middle.

I wish I had my doctor’s email address, so that I could share my happiness with her, and thank her over and over again, for listening to me, for believing me, for helping me.

Today is a good day people. No, it’s a fantastic day.


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