Low-Carb & Metformin update

On September 3rd, my doctor called me I said she was going to go ahead and make the diagnosis of PCOS, and start me on Metformin. I had just finished reading “Why We Get Fat”, and vowed to cut carbs. It hasn’t been easy.

On going on low carb, it’s harder than any diet I’ve ever been on. Harder in the sense that carbs are everywhere. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been less than semi perfect. It’s hard to always eat low carb, especially when your hormones make you eat everything in sight, for just one week. It’s hard when you go to friends houses for dinner, or when you go to parties. I would never dream of being of so rude and turning down food that has been lovingly prepared by friends. It’s hard when your husband really likes sandwiches and potatoes, and isn’t always a fan of the new recipes you try, as an attempt to cut more carbs from your life.

In a world where pretty much everything comes breaded and fried, served with bread and a side of potatoes, saying you’re trying not to eat carbs is like being a Duck Fan at a Beavers Game; you’re a bit singled out. My husband is a cook, his whole family are cooks, most of our friends are cooks. I’ve heard over and over again, the frustration of hearing “um, can you make this gluten free?” Or “I’m a vegan” at a burger joint, while on the line. I never want to be that person. So I’m simply not. I smile, and say that everything looks and smells wonderful, because believe me it does, and I just try to limit my portions.

Limiting my portions actually hasn’t been a problem, if anything, I have to make myself eat. Metformin definitely has suppressed my appetite. That’s really the only side effect of Metformin I’ve had, although I did hear the horror stories before starting it. Lots of, er, bathroom time, if you know what I mean. Luckily I haven’t really had that issue, and I’m going to be upping my dosage to the full amount today.

I’ve done fantastic about cutting carbs from breakfast, alright at cutting them from lunch, and not so great about cutting them from dinner. It really is hard. I’m trying to limit my carbs to just one meal a day, and trying to keep it under 100g. Sounds easy enough, but it’s really not. One slice of whole grain bread has 17-21g of carbs. One potato has 37g of carbs. One cup of whole wheat pasta has 43g of carbs. You have to remember, also, that even veggies have carbs.

It has been really hard. But in just one month, I’m down 9 pounds, down 3″ from my waist, down 3″ from my bust, and down 4″ from my tummy. Woot! I didn’t measure my thighs or arms to see if they’ve gone down at all, but I’m sure they have just a bit. It may be small progress, but it’s still progress.


5 thoughts on “Low-Carb & Metformin update

  1. That is amazing! Congratulations! As someone who was also diagnosed with PCOS and Insulin resistance in September I know how difficult it is to lose weight. Before finding the GP I have now who believed me when I said I was finding it impossible to lose weight I had exercised for an hour every second day and eaten extremely well for a month to lose 700grams… not even a kilo. I have now been on Metformin for around 5 weeks or so and as of this morning have lost 3.8kgs – I seriously did a little happy dance 🙂

    1. Right!? It’s so frustrating! My primary care doctor really just said I had to try harder. It was my OB/GYN (of course) who believed me, and finally listened to my concerns. Congrats to you on the weight loss! I know our progress is small, but after years of NO progress, it’s amazing =)

      1. Thank you! It is amazing and it is nice to find someone that knows how hard it is 🙂 Especially when BM (before Metformin) I would slog away at exercise and eat like a good girl to see nothing happen – seriously some weeks I wished for a sledge hammer to smash those scales to oblivion. This morning at work someone said to me, “oh my gosh you have lost a lot of weight, you are looking great” I was wearing one of my favourite tunics and I have noticed that with the loss of weight and the loss of the daily bloating I was having I now look in it closer to the way I wanted to when I bought it. I felt like doing another little happy dance hahaha – I just really wanted to share that with someone who would get it 🙂

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