I need one of those time turner things in Harry Potter…..

I’ve neglected my blog, believe me I know. I should write more, even though I don’t really have anything important to write about.

Now that we’ve bought a house, and gotten married, I have this vision of our life…all of the wonderful things we can do to our home, our future…..it’s just having the time to make it all happen that’s the problem. Take our house for example, our lovely, lovely house…which is painted all the same shade of tan/green. Currently I have paint chips all over my house. I’m trying to find the colors, and make them work, for this vision I have in my head. I’m picturing India, Morocco….golds, reds, deep purples, lavenders, bright sea blues. It all looks fabulous in my head, it’s just translating it to real life that’s the issue. Also, while the open layout of our house is awesome, it makes picking colors that flow together interesting. Tv room, sewing room, bedrooms, and the bathroom doesn’t really matter. They’re all very clearly separate rooms. But our living room, dining room, kitchen, and hallway kind of all flow together. We’ll see how that project goes.

Then there’s our backyard. Our huge, wonderful, amazing, backyard…..with it’s dying grass….and while it has a wonderful selection of plants already…they’re kind of just thrown about…like it wasn’t really thought about. I have this vision of making our backyard an escape, a little paradise of our own. Landscaped, garden, flowers, grass, fire pit, lighting….a Pinterest backyard! Um…where do we start?

Then there’s us, and the little time we get together. For two years, Charlie worked 10-7, with Wednesday and Thursdays off. Now he’s at a new job, which makes him much happier…but he’s working nights. Positives? He’s off Sundays now! And because he works nights, we get most of Saturday together too. Negatives? Um….he usually gets home between 11:30pm-2am. I work at 7:30am, which means I’m usually asleep….and he’s eating reheated dinners from the fridge. My sleep usually gets a little disrupted, because of course I would like to see him, and ask him about his day when he gets home…and then go back to sleep for a few hours. We’re managing, but I do miss him being off by 7 so that we could have dinner together, still have date nights.

Then there’s me, myself, and I; my day to day life. There are simply not enough hours in the day. Monday through Friday I get up around 6am. I let the boys outside, shower, get dressed, feed all of the animals, put my makeup on, and run out the door by 6:55, so that I can stop and grab an very unhealthy breakfast. I get to work by 7:25, if I’m lucky, 7:32 if I’m not. I spend my days at work, sitting at a desk, answering a phone, buried in papers, and never quite catching up. It’s the summer…work gets busy. Because I rushed out the door, and didn’t have time to quickly cook ham and eggs, I obviously didn’t have time to pack a lunch. So it’s buying lunch. Even if it’s a salad, I’m spending extra money, and home lunch probably would be healthier. I finish out my work day, battle traffic home, and pull in around 5 pm. Let the boys outside, do the dishes, sweep and swiffer, pick up the house, pick up the yard, make the bed. Run any errands I might have, like grocery shopping, which is a 1.5 hour ordeal. Then on a good day, I through in a workout. By the time I’m done with that, and make dinner, I’m eating around 9:30pm. Oh, and I have to water my dying yard. Shower and in bed by 11. Do it all over again. It’s not ideal….and lately the workout part has been skipped because it’s REALLY not ideal. Also, I’ve renamed Saturday, Yard Work Day. I usually spend at least 3 hours mowing the lawn, watering, picking up poop, wedding….owning a home is a never ending task, to say the least.

Ideally, I’d be up at 5am during the week, to get a workout in, make breakfast, and pack a lunch before I head out for my crazy day. Then my evenings would be somewhat free to relax, socialize…not feel like I’m constantly running. Like I said, I need one of those time turner things. There’s just not enough hours in the day. Right now, I can’t imagine throwing a baby into the mix. Which yes, has been talked about.

We’ve decided that all credit cards have to be paid off first. I’ve decided I’m not getting any fatter than I already am, so I must be in shape first. So we’re looking at at least a year, before we seriously talk about getting preggers. But, it’s still in the back of my mind….


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