A time and a place for mirrors

I don’t hate mirrors, I really don’t. I don’t dread looking at myself in the morning, I don’t hide from mirrors in office buildings, or entire wall mirrors in public places. In fact, I have a giant mirror that hangs over my fireplace, and another mirror half as big hanging in my bedroom. Mirrors are great for making rooms look bigger, or brighter. Mirrors belong in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, restaurants, and big snazzy buildings. The bathroom mirror is essential to my daily routine; hair and makeup in the morning. Yes, mirrors, are part of everyday life.

There is however, a place I feel that mirrors should be banned. The gym.

Mirrors have absolutely no place in the gym. The only argument that anyone can make for mirrors in the gym, is to check your form. But that’s it, you only have to check it, you don’t need to watch yourself workout. Like those huge guys that practically get off on watching themselves workout; gross.

You walk into the fitness room of the local community center where I work out, and the whole right wall of the room is mirrors. Along that wall is a row of floor mats, meant for use during ab work and other body weight exercises. On either side of that wall of mirrors, is a row of cardio machines, with a row of free weights opposite of that. The middle of the room is filled with weight machines. It’s pretty safe to say, that no matter where in the room you are, you will at least catch a glimpse of yourself in a  mirror. Your sweaty, blotchy faced, no makeup/smudged makeup face,  baggy/holey/dirty shirt, yoga pants, and non-matching shoe wearing self. I know I look a mess, do I really need to see that image of myself staring back at me? Also, the wall directly in front of the cardio machines is all windows, so at night it might as well be another wall of mirrors. I hate it when I accidentally glance over to the right, and catch a glimpse of myself bouncing and jiggling  away on the elliptical. Or when when I’m doing leg presses, and the machine is right next to the mirror, so I can see just how many rolls my tummy can make. I just love when I’m dripping sweat, and grunting, trying to hold a plank, and I look up and see my tummy hanging down. I know, it has to jiggle if you want the jiggle to go away.

I’m making progress; slow progress, but progress none the less. But those mirrors make me forget about any progress I may have made. Mirrors are distracting, when you’re at the gym.

The absolute worse, is the group exercise room. I love zumba. I love the loud music, and the stress relief I get from jumping around, looking like a fool. But that’s just it, I look like a fool. The wall of mirrors in front of me has made it pretty clear, that I look like a fool. It also shows me when I turn left, and everyone else turns right, or when I clearly don’t have that particular move down. It shows me just how much everything jiggles when I jump up and down, and how big my tummy is when I turn to the side and do the body rolls with the rest of the class.

I always dance in the back of the class, mainly because I don’t want anyone dancing behind me to see how terrible I am, but also because the people in front of me generally block out the mirror. But I usually still catch an image of myself, looking a fool, jiggling everywhere, and for a split second I feel like I shouldn’t even be there……but just for a second. Then I say F it, and just dance it out.

Yes, I feel mirrors should be banned from the gym…


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