Illness will bring you down…

I was SO motivated. SO ready to do the damn thing. I dropped Charlie off at work LAST Saturday, and hit the gym right after. Put in an hour workout. Then Sunday, this little cough I’d been developing since Friday…hit me full force. By Monday I had a fever and was calling out from work. By Tuesday I was sitting in the doctor’s office being told I had bronchitis. GREAT. As if that wasn’t enough, then Portland, where it never snows, was hit was 12″ inches of snow covered by 1/2″ of ice. Blah.

So I pretty much spent 9 days cooped up in my house. I think I watched two whole seasons of Lost…for like the third time. I did walk a bit in the snow, did a bit of shoveling. But that hurt my lungs so much I felt like dying by the end of it. I’m back at work today, FINALLY. Used my entire week of paid sick time for the year already. Ugh. But really, this all started with my boss. He just HAD to come into our SMALL office sick. I was the fifth person to call out sick. By the time I called out, he just told me to just NOT come back until I was completely better.

My cough is mostly gone, my ears are still plugged up, and I’m still blowing my nose….but I think I can start going back to the gym today. If this damn snow ever melts….the main roads to my work were clear. But my neighborhood, the side streets to my work, and my work parking lot are a mess. Ugh.


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