Day One-The count down begins!

So I’ve tried, and then given up, and then tried, and given up again. I’ve thrown out all the junk food in house, and stocked up on healthy food. I’ve had a gym membership. I’ve attended zumba classes. I’ve walked the dog. I’ve done pilates at the community college. It’s pretty safe to say that I know pretty much EVERYTHING there is to know about getting fit…without actually getting there.

But you know what will motivate the hell out of you (me)? Knowing that in 186 days I’ll be standing in front of 80+ people, wearing a pretty dress, and exchanging wedding vows with the man I love. Yes, that will motivate me! I mean….no one wants to look like a whale on their “special day”. I have 186 days, starting today. Actually I have a little less than that…lets call it 126 days…because I have to give my dear momma time to make my dress!

So I have a little over four months, to make a huge difference. Ideally, I’d love to be down to my goal weight of 145. But….that’s just not going to happen in 4 months… I’m actually pretty sure it would be horribly unhealthy for me to lose that much weight in that short period of time. I’ll settle for losing 60 pounds, for now. That’s around 15 pounds a month that I need to lose. Then again, I have to keep reminding myself that it’s just a number on the scale. That number doesn’t always translate to how I look and feel.

I’ve committed to myself to join the community center by Charlie’s work. Then I have NO excuse to not go. Usually my excuse is I don’t have time to make it to the gym, or that I have to go pick up Charlie from work. Well, I’m there picking him up 5 days a week, and dropping him off two days a week…it’s RIGHT THERE. No excuse.

Going TODAY to put in my first workout in I don’t even know how long. Day ONE. I’ll let you know how it goes….


One thought on “Day One-The count down begins!

  1. I’m not going to reply on all of them, but I just found your blog and I read a bunch of your posts. I love it! I’m so glad I found it so I can keep up to date with your life and keep in touch in a way hehe. Keep it up. Getting married definitely is a good motivator though it doesn’t mean you’ll not want to give up on losing weight either. After a while I just didn’t give a crap haha. Right before Prom I wanted to lose weight so I stopped taking in sodium w the exception of like 200 gr or whatever and then drank water like crazy and it helped a ton..and then I gained it all back when I couldn’t stand it anymore. So..yeah..diets=blegh. Good luck though. You’re going to do so well.

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