Oh my busy life….

So after my pumped up Zumba post, I got sick. It was the kind of sickness that settles deep in your chest, and makes you want to curl up in bed and die. The kind of sickness that makes you sniffle and make disgusting noises in the back of your throat, the kind that makes you spend your days zombied out watching Netflix in a mountain of used tissues. Yeah…..that kind of sickness. Not only did I catch this death cold, it decided to stick around for about two weeks. I wasn’t in bed for two weeks, but I would’ve loved to. So I missed Zumba for the last two weeks, and this has made me incredibly sad.

Although I did get a lot accomplished in my cold medicine haze. It’s funny, I may have been downing cold medicine like it was water, but I still managed to get some painting done, and rip some carpet out. I started painting our hallway when I was sick, but after Wiley ran into the still wet door and got paint everywhere, I decided to take a break. That break was two weeks ago. But, last weekend I ripped all of the carpet out of my bedroom (goodbye asthma attacks!) and filled a drop box with more of my grandparent’s garbage. Weekends are really the only time that I have to do any of these house projects anyway, sick or not.

I’m very happy to say that I’ll be back at Zumba this weekend! I emailed the instructor to ask about the price increase she had talked about, and she emailed me back offering me $50 to take pictures of the Zumba Launch Party this weekend at her new class space. Yay! I had offered to take pictures for her last time I was in class, but I didn’t realize that she was actually really interested in that. I told her I’d also be more than happy to work for Zumba classes instead of cash, because after all, that’s probably what I’d spend the money on anyways. She is going to give me 10 Zumba classes ($75!) in exchange for taking photos of the launch party tomorrow. I’ll even get to do a little dancing too!

This weekend will be a weekend of photo shoots for me, and I couldn’t be happier about it! I’m very excited that my dear friend Aleshia has asked me to take her maternity photos this weekend. I’ve mostly done nature and architecture photos, so I’m excited to see how my people photos turn out! Aleshia and her mom also have a natural beauty product line that they want to hire me to do product pictures for too! Gah! Building a photography profolio is so exciting! I also have another friend who wants me to take 1940’s style photos of her son. So happy my hobby is turning out to be something that people actually want.

So that’s my update. I’ll be spending my weekend in Zumba infused, shutter happy bliss.


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