Step left, step right, turn left…oh wait, turn right? Never mind….

I have a new love. ::Gasp!:: Don’t worry, Charlie is still hanging around =) It’s Zumba! I took a zumba class at a community center a few years back, and it was lots of fun, but I never tired it again. A few months ago while Charlie and I were checking out a new pub in our neighborhood, I saw flyers on the table for a Zumba class that was held in the ballroom above the pub.

I found their Facebook page, and checked out the class times….and then did a whole lot of nothing. Have I mentioned how I’m really bad about committing to anything except my relationship/family/friends? Book club? Sounds fun! Maybe someday…  Gym membership? Signed up and had it for six months….aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnd I never went more than twice a month.   Oh committing to daily, weekly, or monthly things….I’m just too busy! Or lazy…haven’t decided which.

Anyways. So this class had this awesome deal where you pay $10 for your first class, and then she gives you three classes for free after that, so you can really check it out. It took me like three months, but I finally went to a class half way through last month. The instructor offered classes at 5pm and 6:30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 10am Saturdays. I went to my first class on a Tuesday. The only reason I even made it to this class, is because Charlie was out playing poker with the guys, and I had nothing better to do. I quickly realized that making a 6:30 weeknight class was going to be a challenge for me under normal circumstances. Saturday classes on the other hand, easy!

So for the last three Saturdays I’ve put on my yoga capris and sneakers, tired to pet and love away Wiley’s sadness that my sneakers are on and we aren’t going for a walk, and ventured out to the Zumba class that is only five minutes from my house (bonus!). I turn left, when everyone else is turning right. Just when I think I got the step down, the instructor moves on to the next step. I clap one too many times. But you know what? It seriously doesn’t matter. There are no mirrors, and no one cares! There are people of all shapes, sizes, and ages in this class, and I absolutely love it! I leave the class sweaty and tired, and having burned 982 calories in the hour I spent having fun and dancing to great music (it’s not all Latin/salsa…we danced to Lady Gaga…okay..enough said.)

Oh and the commitment problem? This class has punch cards!! Oh how I love the concept of punch cards. You save money on the classes buy purchasing multiple classes at once, but you have three to six months (depending on how many you buy) to use the card up! Perfection.

Oh and this picture right here…pretty much sums up Zumba.




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