The lie to boost my ego

Daily writing prompt from WordPress: Liar liar pants on Fire. What’s the last lie you told and why?

December 14, 2012, my birthday. I woke up early, even though I had the day off. I showered, put on a non-blue outfit, did my hair, did my makeup, and ventured out to one of the most hated places on earth: The DMV. The DMV wasn’t far from my house, maybe three or four miles. Even though I got there shortly after they opened, there was already a waiting room full of people. I was handed a clipboard full of forms, and asked to take a number. I filled in the information asked for, line by line. Name, date of birth, address, height….then I filled in a lie and handed the paperwork back to the DMV employee. The lie? My weight.

Does anyone ever really tell the truth about their weight on their license? Maybe yoga fanatics and super models do. I did at one point; when I was first issued my drivers license, the one the DMV employee hole punched and handed back to me. I looked nostalgically at this picture. This 17 year old version of myself. The same eyes and smile looked back at me, but the rest was very much changed.

I actually considered this lie I told for an entire week before I told it. What is a reasonable number? What is a believable number? I mean…the picture is only of my face. In fact, the picture was a close up compared to the one taken 8 years prior. I know I don’t actually look the number that stares me down on the scale, but what would people actually believe?

Who these “people” I thought I needed to believe me were, I haven’t the slightest clue. Because really, other than yourself, who looks at your weight on your drivers license? No one, that’s who. So in the end, this lie I told, was for no benefit but that of my ego. Purely so I could look at my license, and not see that awful number in print for the next 8 years. Oh the lies we tell ourselves, to benefit no one but ourselves.


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