If I could just take one really amazing picture….

Photography has always been an amateur love of mine. I got my first 35mm film camera for my high school graduation. I never really used it much until three years later when I took a black and white darkroom photography class at the community college. Oh I was instantly hooked. Once I figured out that you have to FIND great pictures, they don’t find you, I was one shutter happy woman. Then the class ended, developing film is expensive, and life got in the way.

Enter digital camera! Six months ago I received a pretty neat digital camera for my 26th birthday from my parents. This isn’t just your standard point and shoot, fits in your pocket, digital camera. While it’s not a professional camera, and lacks the manual features I learned to use in my photography class, it takes some pretty amazing pictures; but of course the photographer behind the camera makes the picture too! Since getting my hands on this camera, the picture number reads 794. I’ve taken a lot of silly pictures, blurry pictures, pointless pictures, happy pictures, pretty pictures, touching pictures, and down right crappy pictures. ::Sigh:: I’m still learning. I think I’m getting better though, and I took several print worthy pictures during our recent road trip to California for my other half’s uncle’s wedding.

And not an artistic shot, but us ❤


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