My first 5K

Today I signed up for my first 5K race. This seems a little crazy to me, since I’m by no means a runner anymore. I USE to run…I use to run MILES and MILES like it was nothing. That was before my inhaler prescription ran out, and I got a desk job, and gained 80 pounds, and lost all confidence I use to have in myself.

I recently went to my doctor and told her I HAD to have an inhaler if I had any hope of losing weight and getting in shape. My asthma is weird; it’s strictly exercise induced. After getting my inhaler, I decided to go for a run with Wiley. It was amazing! I went about 2 miles, and it took me about 30 minutes (He just LOVES to sniff everything…) but I felt great in the end. I decided then and there I was going to start running again.

That was roughing a month ago…and while I have gone running several times, I haven’t been consistent. Consistency is my greatest enemy. I always get all worked up, and write out a whole plan, and get beyond determined to get healthy and lose weight…then I just can never find the time. I need to stop trying to find the time, and make the time…I really do.

The fact is, I’m a chubby girl, who has more than a few reasons to lose weight. Top reasons being:

My happiness: I know people love me how I am, but I don’t love me..and that’s a problem.

My health: My father is a insulin dependent diabetic, and that alone should make me hit the road at full speed on the daily.

To get off medications: I take a few medications daily, that I never had to take until I gained weight. I never made this correlation until recently, but it’s a fact I shouldn’t ignore.

For my wedding day: I don’t want to look back on pictures from my wedding day and feel disgusted with myself.

For my future children: I want to be in shape BEFORE I get pregnant, so that after I have a baby, I can bounce back. I want to be healthy and be able to chase a toddler around the park for an hour without feeling completely drained.

For my relationship: My boyfriend is an amazing, loving, supportive, and accepting man. He loved me when I was skinny, and he loves me still when I’m chubby. But I feel like crap, and that doesn’t do positive things for our relationship.

So I’m officially on a mission; not to lose ___ pounds, but to be happy and healthy. Please cheer me on, because I SUCK at cheering myself on. This mission is starting with the Color Me Rad 5K on June 1st, 2013. Of course I’ll run several times before; not going to run into this blindly, that’s for sure!






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